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Welcome to Lidoberry

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Welcome to Lidoberry !

This is our official web site.With us you can feel True taste of Nature !

About Lidoberry

Our story


Lidoberry is a company specialized in the production of blueberries. It was founded in 2015 and is a daughter company of

Lido Ketering d.o.o.

That company is the famous leader in the provision of catering services. Lido Ketering d.o.o is privately owned since 2003. The idea for its foundation stemmed from the love of nature.  Also we recognize the real needs of the domestic and foreign markets for this product. Blueberries, in addition to raspberries, are one of the most popular brands of fruits that Serbia offers to foreign markets. Especially when talking about the export of fresh fruit.

Blueberries from Lidoberry are produced on the territory of the municipality of Ljig. The plantations are spread over an area of more than 25ha. Investments to increase and expand the capacity of processing, storage and packing blueberries are planned in the near future. Harvest begins in late May and, depending on the variety, may last until September. That gives us a great advantage compared to other regions. On our farm the following varieties of blueberry are grown: Duke, Huron and Liberty.

The entire project of cultivation, storage, and distribution of fresh blueberries has been designed and implemented in cooperation with a team of experts from Serbia and abroad. The importance and seriousness of our project have already been recognized by our partners in the country and from the region. The proof of our quality are numerous coupled business partnerships in foreign markets, where we aim to continuous growth and development, but certainly strive to make significant progress on the domestic market, too.

Lidoberry Juices !

Lidoberry has only original products produced in a traditional manner with a high level of vitamins and minerals obtained from 100% natural fruit

Lidoberry Products

100% natural Blueberries juices

100% Natural

Juices are made from 100% Natural fruits from our natural fields

100% Fruit

Juices are made from 100% fruit, in that way that you have in 1 bottle just a best extracted nectar from our blueberries

Full of Vitamins

Juice is full of vitamins and minerals
and this makes it a rich source of health

Tradicional Production

Our Juices are made in traditional
way and recipes

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Here you can find some fine recipes with blueberries

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